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08 June 2010 @ 12:28 am
  Today is yet another exciting day as teens and adults alike flock to their television screens to watch MTV's movie awards 2010. I have to say that the one hour pre-show  was a complete waste of time as it was boring as hell. Every time I switch the back to MTV all I see are the Jersey Shore peeps! Never in a million years will I watch that show even if its the last program available. And hell, I didn't know that that Snooki girl was short like crazy standing beside everyone! Damn what genes did she had for her height to turn out like that...

  Okay so I've watched the whole thing and my favourite part was probably when Sandra Bullock received MTV's Generation award on stage with Bradley Cooper, Betty White and Scarlett Johansson. They were such a cute and humorous bunch and their jokes were pretty clean compared to the rest, some of which were plain filth. And I do hope that Sandra meant what she said when she tells us that there are going to be many many more of her movies in the future because I'm really looking forward to that.

  The highlight of the award show and the segment that I was anticipating the whole time has to be Rain winning Biggest Badass award! Congratulations Rain! Albeit the entire nation of Korea is overjoyed at your achievement. He can definitely look forward to more movie opportunities (from the States) having a very cool award under your belt. Keep doing what you're doing cause we'll support you no matter what. I have got to say that one single boo boo would have to the Twilight Saga practically snagging (almost) all the awards (again)!! I've got to say that as long as there's Twilight, they'll keep winning all the awards and no one can stand in their way or their fans way in this case. My honest words are that the whole Twilight mania is simply overated. But look who's caring...

  Last but not least...
           Today marks SS501's 5th year anniversary.
                       Through thick and thin, they've no doubt conquered the Kpop world.
                                        Hope they'll stay united and make more beautiful music for many more years to come.

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06 June 2010 @ 11:54 pm
    Did you watch?! Did you watch?! I swear my heart nearly bounced out of my chest when I was watching SS501's comeback on Music Bank on the 4th! With every song, my anticipation escalated and my heart beat hasten, it was a torture waiting to watch them on tv. Taking that final slot I finally got to see their beautiful faces as I sprinted across the living room and kneeled only inches away from the screen. Every vein in my body was oozing with lust and happiness as I kept my eyes on them as they performed 'Love Ya' and 'Let me be the one' with near perfection. I was rather taken aback at my own actions when I realise I was really going crazy over them. Screaming, squirming, and singing along. It was total chaos but I was utterly, insanely and obscenely overwhelmed with joy by just watching them. It was really awesome...

  Okay so that's my crazy-fan-girl blast. Now to the real critic of their performance on Music Bank. Honestly, who wouldn't say that that was an outstanding performance? And my goodness the fireworks added the extra wow factor and made the performance all the more spectacular. I'll let the videos speak for itself. Enjoy!

SS501 Destination - Love Ya

SS501 Destination - Let me be the one

  Today is a very special day for a very very special someone. In case you haven't guessed it yet, it's SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong's birthday! 25 years ago, probably nobody expected one of Korean's music world biggest star is going to be such a hit and is able to stand proud and tall with millions of fans below his wings. He must have been someone great his past life as everything seems to go his way these past few years. With successes from shows like 'We got married' and 'Boys before flowers', all of us got a taste of his charm and unique personality. Definitely not leaving out his SS501 family which only gets more and more popular with every album released. Hyun Joong Oppa, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope that you'll be able to mesmerise more fans (like me) and have all your wishes come true. SS501 fighting!

Okay so now, I don't even listen to local radio.
Hello Korean radio stations! :)
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01 June 2010 @ 12:20 pm
  It feels like Christmas morning! Though its only the 1st of June but I'm having so much fun opening my presents already! Oh God, there's so many yummylicious goodies, I think I'm gonna have diabetes after munching off too much candies! Man-Candies I mean!! Its the first day of June and I'm greeted by so many awesome things on OMONA! they didn't. Honestly, I've died and gone to Heaven ten trillion times, I can't feel my toes anymore and my heart's pumping so fast I think I'm having a panic attack!

  Our SS501 guys have finally unleashed their 'Love Ya' full music video! Blasting my headphones and focusing my eyes less than 2 inches away from the computer screen, I fully immersed myself in their world. And boy oh boy, it was a world I didn't want to come out of! The unique music... The sleek dance moves... The stylish outfits... The atmosphere was simply... Orgasmic!

Also heard that Hyun Joong was having a hard time filming the mv due to his previous car accident. The crew had to take multiple break in between the filming to make sure Hyun Joong was ok and was able to continue with the shoot. But Leader was a fighter and took in all the pain and made the shoot a success! Hyun Joong, I really hope you can get well soon. Take care of your health and live happily ok? See ya soon...
  While on Youtube, I also happened to pass by this awesome Audited Version of 'Love Ya'. The music isn't official, a user just changed the song by nearly silencing the background music and thus bringing out the powerful vocals of the guys. And no song is perfect without Leader's rap. I think its pretty darn good and it sounds almost acoustic. Prepare to let those voices intoxicate your mind over and over again...

  SS501 have also been out and about at fan signing events to promote 'Destination'. Oh those lucky lucky fans, albeit they can't sleep at night with flashes of SS501's faces running though their minds all day. I can't help but feel so darn jealous to those who managed to snag an autograph, especially from Hyun Joong. Or even just catch a glimpse of them...

Fan signing @ Technomart


Fan Signing @ 88 Gym, Seoul


Fan Signing @ Busan


SS501 Saranghae!
Can't wait to watch you on Music Bank!
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28 May 2010 @ 08:43 pm
  The day is drawing nearer and nearer as we speak. Everyone is up to their necks waiting to see SS501dominate their television screen again. I thought they were going to be tightly lip sealed about their comeback until they day itself. However, their latest song 'Love Ya' which has hit radio stations have been creating quite a rage by netizens who shower them with praises. And not to forget they even released 'Love Ya' music video teaser, showing off their sleek dance moves and new image.

  When watching the teaser, I can't help but wonder what happened to the sadomasochistic concept they had in their promotional pictures? 5 guys dancing on a platform with an orchestra surrounding them isn't quite the scene I imagined with the teasers they've been giving. But I'm glad they got back to their roots in giving us decent, refreshing and cool soundtrack.

Here are more promotional pictures of them.
Look's like our guys are growing up and going all high end with a clean cut and stylish suits!

  Not living in Korea and not having a credit card puts me at a disadvantage. Why? Cause I'm not able to purchase their album online and its going to take ages for 'Destination' to reach here. While in Korea, everything's first hand and a handful of them will be over the moon when they get their fan girl hands on a limited edition 'Destination' album. And not to forget all those opportunities to meet them face to face during autograph sessions. SS501 can look forward to an extremely packed schedule ahead of them.

  On another note, SS501's leader, Kim Hyun Joong has been slightly busier then the other as he films a CF for Hotsun Chicken. Leaving his charming and cute image of Yoon Ji Hoo, Hyun Joong goes for a Zorro meets Dark Knight image for this upcoming CF. I've got no complains, hell I'm actually falling for this look!


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25 May 2010 @ 04:20 pm
  I can't describe how exciting the month of May is. Although its coming to an end, I'll never forget all the god times I've had watching so many Kpop stars having their comebacks. And with their comebacks, also comes their promotional programs. And the one that tops my list of favourite video's of the month would be Happy Together! My stomach hurts so much when I watched the episode whereby Rain, Hyori, Lee Joon (MBlaq) and Hara (KARA) was on. They had really good chemistry and I love how everyone was so free and easy with one another.

  Ok so maybe Hara's got a crush on Rain, but seriously when you're sitting beside a mega star like him, it really hard to not feel jittery inside! Oh and I absolutely love how Joon gets all 'kiss and tell' about Rain. Don't you just love it how your junior spill all those dirty little secrets and weird peeves about a senior? Well now all thanks to Joon, we get to know some other side of Rain which we may never ever witness ourselves. Though the episode is uploaded onto Youtube, it is still not subbed yet. A user has however uploaded 3 subbed parts which I can't get enough of!

Go here to watch: www.youtube.com/user/shiareagy3rdalbum

And here are my the clips that can make my day, any day...

Hyori and Rain perform a part their comeback songs.
Totally LOL at the diving part!

The hosts do a parody dance of Rain's Love song and Hyori's Chitty chitty bang bang.
I gotta say that Shin Bong sun can really shake it!
And the other guy really cracked me up when he flashed his plastered nipples!

Hara's shocks everyone on set when she suddenly strips!
Have to say that its human reaction and look at their mouths so wide open!


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23 May 2010 @ 11:06 pm
22nd May 2010 is a date that 40 000 fans would remember forever.
  Altogether 21 teams performed over a span of 4 hours. Though the weather was bad and catching a cold maybe inevitable, all of them huddled in the stadium and kept their eyes on the stage where Korea's top idols gave a mind-blowing performance. I got to admit, I really wished that I was there...
  SS501 graced the stage after a long break and sang 2 songs. 'Haruman' (Only one day) from their Rebirth album. And a surprise treat, 'Let me be the one' from their upcoming comeback album, Destination. I have to admit, no matter how much I love leader, I got to admit Young Saeng's voice sounded like an angel. A big applause to Hyun Joong who gave his best even with his injury. And all of SS501 who gave an amazing performance. 'Let me be the one' is playing on repeat in my head now. It'll definitely be a hit, I just know it!


  SS501's official fan club TripleS was there to show their support. And they brought the entire army! Looking at the crowd, I'm sure the guys were touched. Rumors had it that they even cried after seeing how much love and support the fans have given them. If I were in their shoes, I'm sure to break down an cry... They were also smart enough to identify themselves as fans of SS501 by holding green balloons and green flash lights. Imagine out of an audience 40 000 you see a whole chuck them flashing green lights from where their seated and their all for you... One word, 'Wow...' Absolutely speechless...


Can't wait for their Comeback.
Can't wait for them to intoxicate my mind again.
Can't wait to fall in love once more...

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20 May 2010 @ 11:19 pm
  The month of May has been a very hectic and packed month for everyone. And this includes all those artists and bands that have or have yet to make their comebacks this month. Rain (Bi)... Hyori... SS501... All the unstoppable, amazing people who never fail to surprise us time and again with their hip and ever changing looks.

  Rain and Hyori have once again rule the Kpop world and dominated the charts. Even as close friends, they are still competitors in showbiz. I can't get Rain's Hip song and Hyori's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang out of my head! It plays on repeat over and over throughout the day and it really is a distraction especially when you're still a student! Two very very sensual, sexy, hot and talented have made a successful comeback with their mind-blowing performances on Music Bank. Hell, every time Rain sways that hip of his or touches his abs my hair will all do a standing ovation! Me being new to the whole Korean music world, I find myself presently surprised at their down to earth personalities when they were on Happy Together. Oh Gosh, I laughed so darn hard I almost peed in my pants! And not to forget Joon from MBlaq who spilled all those deeds of Rain being their producer. I really really thank show's like Happy Together for experiences like this.

  Before I digress too far from what I had in mind, I am actually aching to write something about SS501's latest news about their comeback and their contract ending with DSP and all the other kick knacks. First of all, SS501's fan world have been very concern about them especially during the month and we've all been at the edge of our sits trying to get the latest updates about them. It is confirmed by DSP that SS501's will be officially releasing their new mini-album 'Destination' on the 28th of May! (Eeek!, 8 more days!). But what is more important is that they will be performing on the 4th and 5th of June for Music Bank and Music Core respectively. 

22nd May: DreamConcert - Haruman+Let me be the one (first release)
28th May: Release of album "Destination" (title track: Love Ya)
Beginning of June: start of CB activities (variety programmes/FM radios/mags/music progs etc)
June 4: Music Bank
June 5: Music Core
June 6: Inkigayo (HJ BIRTHDAY!)
June 7: Contract expires (but continues CB activities)
Early June: discussion of HJ's athena (continues)
End June: ends CB activities
Re-contract: goes on from there


   Call 911: Our leader Kin Hyun Joong has also recently got into a car accident and has bruised his rib! He's now only able to sing ballets as dance numbers will be too vigorous for him. Guess SS501 lovers will have to miss out on Hyun Joong's orgasmic dance moves during their performance at DreamConcert. But no worries Hyun Joong, we'll still love you no matter what. And get well soon cause I wanna see you! (On the television that is)


  Concepts and Album: Ok, so SS501 has grew up so much more then I've expected. First it was scraping the ice of Manhood with their 'Rebith' album last year. But now, not only are they making themselves more 'men', their testing out dangerous waters with their teaser photos posing with gas masks and handcuffs. And now with whips, spiked collars, jet black outfits, smokey eyes and deadly scorpions! What are they actually trying to put across to others? One word: Sadomasochism. At least that's what producer Steven Lee is going for.
Word definition: masochism means sexual pleasure obtained from receiving physical or psychological harm or punishment; sadism means sexual pleasure obtained by inflicting physical or psychological harm or punishment on others.

  Seriously guys?! Rumors were that Korean guys are very controlling of their possessions (including girlfriends) and can even be violent? (They even topped the list of the most lustful country in the world by Reader's Digest) But is there a need to drive the point home by coming up with a image that may be dark and sexy but yet be scary and unapproachable? Come on the guys are only in their early twenties! As much as I believe that this is definitely something new and I applaud their courage to take on something new, do you think that they're biting off more then they can chew? SS501 have been a strong group but will they be able to pull this off and wow fans all over again is really a question that will only be answered when they have their comeback.

  Contract closure: It has come to the everyone's attention that SS501's contract with DSP will come to an end early next month. An uproar of speculations have exploded all over the net and everyone is anticipating the solution to this problem. Well, the good news is that SS501 will continue with promoting their new album even with the expiration of their contract. Decisions are still far from being made by the members and this has been a hush-hush issue. We'll just have to grit out teeth awhile longer to see what the outcome will be. Hope we're able to see them celebrate their 6th year anniversary cause it'll be a real devastating if they were to disband.

I'm keeping my eyes wide open and head crystal clear for anything up and coming.
The Korean music industry will always be flourishing and renewing itself.
I'll have to keep up with the beat if I don't want to miss out on anything.
Just thinking about the energy of it all makes my skin tingle!

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04 May 2010 @ 02:51 pm

I've been following up on Dramas ever since I was little. And not just Korean dramas but those from Japan, Taiwan and the US too. I don't watch everything but the ones that have more interesting plots appeal to me more. I've watched plenty but I don't fall head over heels for every one of them, however those that leave an impression on me will be remembered by me forever. Sometimes I might even re-watch dramas which I think is worth re-watching. That is if the links are still available on the internet.

  Okay, small talk aside, I find this upcoming Korean drama 'Personal Taste' totally my style. Its quirky, fun, humorous, unpredictable, endearing and so much more than words can be used to describe it. 'Personal Taste' is definitely a must watch whether or not you are a fan of Lee Min Ho. This drama has a great cast that is brilliant in their work and the script is simply fabulous. Though I can honestly tell you I wasn't hooked on the first bite, but episode after episode, 'Personal Taste' has proved to be one of the better dramas I've watched.

  'Personal Taste' have raised the bar of addressing the unconventional issue of liking someone of the same sex. We all remembered '1st shop of Coffee Prince' don't we? It has received wild popularity from it viewers being the unique drama it is and probably even the first of its kind. Well, 'Personal Taste' is a romantic comedy that is much better than '1st shop of Coffee Prince' if I have to say so myself. Unlike '1st shop of Coffee Prince', this drama isn't as draggy and a lot of external factors that affect the plot of the story makes the drama a thrilling one that leaves me craving for more.

Episode 9, I'm your man:

  Episode 9 would have to be my favourite episode so far. The irony of Gae in becoming more and more like Jin Ho and Jin Ho becoming more and more like Gae In is simply so much fun to watch. Guess when two people who spend so much time together will tend to be like the other whether they know it or not. Tension arises between the two when they unknowingly fall in love each other and jealousy lurks between the two when In Hee and Chang Ryul interferes.

  We see another side of Gae In, a more serious one where she busy herself with work on designing the Children's playroom at the Museum. She also becomes a great friend and adviser to Director Choi who is also in the same boat as her. (I've got to say that when Director Choi said he was gay, I almost fell off my chair!) Gae In is still one hell of a softy when it comes to past friendship with In Hee, which I really don't understand why. The girl's apartment got 'robbed', honestly it ain't Gae In's business to know or sympathise with her. In Hee doesn't give a care about Gae In existence and I think she should do likewise. And because Gae In let such things happen, it lead to a quarrel with Jin Ho. But I'm so glad they patched up and even spent a whole day together! (The part where they took neoprints together was too darn cute!) Gae In is such an inspiration when it comes to being a pillar of support to her friends.

  In Hee is being a pain in the ass bitch who is outright to spoil everything! My take would be that she's very insecure about herself, hence going all out to make everything hers. I've never liked her ever since the beginning where she backstabbed Gae In yet doesn't even feel the slightest remorse for what she's done. Pretending that she's a damsel in distress only makes my blood boil and I don't know why Jin Ho keeps on falling for her tricks time and again. 

  Director Choi's character really definitely and eye opener in this episode! Oh my gosh, the part where he gave private info to Jin Ho and he was so flustered he couldn't even speak properly was really really unexpected! He always portrays himself as a sophisticated and serious guy who knows how to prioritise work from personal affairs, but I guess his heart got there better of him. They way he stumbles on his words, blushes and fans himself with his hands had simply caught me off guard. He is becoming a more interesting character to watch!

Episode 10, Game over:

  This is there episode where it gets all complicated in the middle, especially with Jin Ho's mother surprise visit to Gang Go Jae. In Hee and Chang Ryul are all out to make life difficult for Gae In and Jin Ho. Those jealous people should really just stay at home and stuff their faces with Kimchi and Soju! Most shocking part was when Jin Ho suddenly say that he 'loves' Gae In and 'wants to marry' her. Total shocker there, but desperate times calls for desperate measures!

  Gae In takes a big leap and tests the waters of her friendship with Jin Ho when she said that she was willing to be his bride even if it was a cover up. Stupid Stupid move! And Jin Ho, another heartless chap who just can't accept the innocence of Gae In and rubs salt into her naivety. She just wants to help out, that's all...

  Chang Ryul and In Hee finds out that Jin Ho isn't a gay at all and devised some heinous plans to break up Jin Ho and Gae In's treasured friendship.Now I kind of see the reason why they got walked down the aisle in the first place, they match each others personalities so well. I really don't like the fact that Chang Ryul is clinging onto Gae In. Gae In is not some rebound girl that you can be with any old how just because you couldn't get your dream lover. However, I enjoyed watching Chang Ryul getting make used of by Gae In during her 'revenge' plan.

  Jin Ho made a really unwise move of stealing Sang Go Jae architectural design for his entry for the Tam Arts Competition. I have a hunch that his misdeed will be brought to light one day and a disaster will arise with the breaking of Gae In's fragile heart. To add on to his foolishness, he actually listened to Chang Ryul and broke his friendship with Gae In. Maybe he was scared of hurting her, or maybe he was afraid of exposing himself to people who actually believes that he's gay. Whatever it is, I thought that he shouldn't be swayed by Chang Ryul's brain washing words cause he is an outsider afterall and their friendship doesn't concern him.

  Oh my, I have to say that Director Choi's face was really scarlet red when he was having lunch with Jin Ho! How did he do that? Maybe the actor really does have a secret crush on Lee Min Ho? What made it worse was that he's a guy and that blush was out of this world! Jin Ho must have been so scared having to know that that blush was all fro him. But yet again, all the more reason to Director Choi's story.

  I find that the idea of 'I-bring-this-girl-to-make-you-jealous / I-bring-this-guy-to-make-you-jealous' is utterly childish and ridiculous! The ending part when they were all watching the play was really painful to watch. But the ending... oh the ending... was ooh-lah-lah fabulous!!

Can't wait for the next episode!!
Here's the kissing scene if anyone's craving for some Gae In & Jin Ho loveeee!

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02 May 2010 @ 11:36 pm
Gummy - As a man (English translation)

A new start is always frightening

But this time I truly believe it’s love

I’ll try to be happier than my painful separation

You and we promised eternity and swear on it

But frequent interest will become a small burden

You might get annoyed little by little of the long calls, I don’t want to end

You might call this growing love, obsession

As time goes by I’m getting smaller


Since you’re a man, a man, you wouldn’t know even if you died

Since I’m lacking, since I’m foolish, I’m only looking at you

Since you’re a man, you’re a man, you wouldn’t understand me

You probably just want to be free, you probably won’t be able to change

Because you are a man.

Because you are a man.


You’re next to me but why does my heart feel so empty?

Why is it that your word “Love” doesn’t sound like it used to be?

The long waits are becoming more and more difficult

I’ve thought of giving up hundreds of times

When you’ve fallen asleep, I feel uneasy and can’t sleep.

I go crazy when I can’t reach you all night

I’m not a women who expects a lot

But I collapse from one of your inattentive words


Since you’re a man, you’re a man, you wouldn’t know if you died

Since I’m lacking, since I’m foolish, I’m only looking at you

Since you’re a man, you’re a man, you wouldn’t understand me

You probably just want to be free, you probably won’t be able to change

Because you are a man.

Because you are a man.


I still feel like when we’ve first met

I flutter in front of your smile

But even these small expressions are nowhere to be found between us

But since you’re a man, since you’re my man, I still love you


Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you wouldn’t know if you died

Since I’m lacking, since I’m foolish, I’m only looking at you

Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you wouldn’t understand me

You probably just want to be free, you probably won’t be able to change

Because you are a man.

Because you are a man.


Gummy - As a man (Hankul lyrics)

Saero un shijagun onjena duryopjyo

Hajiman ibon makumun sarangira kkok midoyo

Apaton ibyol boda do haeng bokhae jiryogo

Gudaewa uri yongwonul yaksok hago maengse hajyo

Hajiman jajun gwanshimi jagun budami dwegejyo

Kkunkno shilun gin tonghwarul jom jom gwichanha hagejyo

Kojinun saranggul gudaen jip chagira hago

Shigani galsurok nan ironke jagaji nun gol


Gudean namjaraso namjaraso jugodo mullayo

Naega bujokhaeso nomu monaso gudaeman bara bogo ijyo

Gudean namjaraso namjaraso nal ihae motajyo

Gujo jayuropgo shipgejyo byonhal sunun opgejyo namjaraso


Nae gyote inunde wae mami hojon hajyo

Sarang handan maltuga wae nan yojon gatji anhjyo

Ginagin gidarimi nan galsurok oryowo

Pojihago shipdago subaek bonul saeng gakhajyo

Gudaega jamdulgi jon nan buranhae jam mo irugo

Bamsae dork yonlagi kkunki myon michyo borijyo

Manhum gol baranin guron yojaga aninde

Mushimhan hanmadi mare nan tto muno jihun gol


Gudean namjaraso namjaraso jugodo mullayo

Naega bujokhaeso nomu monaso gudaeman bara bogo ijyo

Gudean namjaraso namjaraso nal ihae motajyo

Gujo jayuropgo shipgejyo byonhal sunun opgejyo namjaraso


Nan yojonhi uri choum mannan gunal gatunde

Gudae miso ape hanobshi tto solle inunde

Iron jagun pyohyon jocha uriyehen osaekhae

Hajiman namjaraso nae namjaraso ajikdo gudael sarang haeyo


Gudean namjaraso namjaraso jugodo mullayo

Naega bujokhaeso nomu monaso gudaeman bara bogo ijyo

Gudean namjaraso namjaraso nal ihae motajyo

Gujo jayuropgo shipgejyo byonhal sunun opgejyo namjaraso


Gudaen namjaraso


*Credits: http://jkmotion.blogspot.com/2010/05/mv-gummy-as-man.html

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01 May 2010 @ 10:13 pm
Today is a special day as 2 new things hit the net.

1) SS501's comeback teaser photos

  Though I was very much looking forward to SS501's comeback which was suppose to be today, that didn't happen. However, SS501 revealed their pictorial shoots at midnight for their new album which is to be released this month. Looking on the bright side, I believe this delay is for the better. Albeit SS501 is taking the extra time to tie up some loose ends and comeback that will 'wow' us all!


  When I first saw this, I couldn't believe my eyes. Their supposed concept for their Rebirth album last year was about them becoming 'Men', but this is taking manhood to a whole other level! The first thing that popped into my mind when I first saw this avant-garde image was one of the games my brother used to play - Metal Gear Solid.  Whether this concept will be a success or not, only time will tell. But SS501 being at the top of their game, I'm sure they'll be able to pull it off.

  On the other hand, I was honestly pretty intimidated by the gas masks and handcuffs. And it makes me wonder even more what type of songs are going to accompany their very dramatic look. All in all, I'm really really excited for their comeback and wish them all the best for the future!

2) Gummy's new mv: As a man

  The teaser for 'As a man' was definitely a good one but the real thing was a hundred times better! Gummy isn't a singer that i'm familiar with but  I can't say the same for Kim Hyun Joong. Hitting the net just a couple of hours ago, it has already received fabulous reviews from Youtube viewers.  A lot of people are confused whether or not the lady in the video is Gummy herself. Actually it is not, in fact she is Jung Ryeo Won or better known as the beautiful 3rd party in 'My Lovely Sam Soon'.

  Although she is 4 years older (but doesn't look 28) than Kim Hyun Joong, they have very good chemistry in the mv. Having to film the mv in only 2 days, I have to applause the great effort from the team. I'm really glad Kim Hyun Joong threw away his prince charming Yoon Ji Hoo image for a more realistic and relatable character. The storyline is good although there are some scene which I find rather hard to believe.


The break down of the mv:

  Two people, one lady (Jung Ryeo Won) and one gentleman (Kim Hyun Joong) moves into a new flat. But little did they know that they were both going to live under the same roof! They tried calling the home owner, hoping to find a solution to their problem but instead they both rushed into the house. They didn't converse much as both of them were busy unpacking boxes and suitcases for their new home. They equally shared the house, taking one half each.

  As time goes by, feelings grow between the two, however they were not mutually interested in each other. She thought of them as a dating couple whereas he just treated her as a friend. They went shopping together and she pointed at a pair of wedding rings but he didn't even look at them and left the store. While chilling at the playground one day, she saw a small kid and probably brought up the issue of having kids in the future. Having sensed the little hints dropped by her, he was aware that she had feelings for him. He felt that having a relationship with her was something that could never happened and didn't know how to react. So he just gave her the cold shoulder from then on. She felt that she had to put an end to all this misery and decided to move out. While packing up her stuff, she came across a toy robot which reminded her of him and broke down.
  At the same time, he went swimming alone and and had an accident. He slipped and fell on the wet tiles and had a slight concussion. Opening his eyes, he saw her face and smiled. He realised that he has unknowingly fell deeply in love with her. He raced home to find her leaving with suitcase in hand. He ran and embraced her in his arms, smiling, knowing that their beautiful relationship is going to blossom even more. The last image shows the pair of wedding rings.

My take:

  The beginning felt to me like they weren't strangers. Maybe they both have friendly personalities and warm up to strangers easily. But the part where they were able to move in together was ridiculous. Taking it that they both rented the same flat, its really hard to believe that they were able to put up with both of them sharing the same roof and not contacting the flat owner to clarify the matter. If I was placed in that situation, I would want to find the root of the problem. But for them I guess they didn't mind. Most likely the lady felt that the guy was cute and having him means not having to be alone. As for the guy, I think he didn't really care as long as he has a place to sleep and who would reject a person who's willing to cook your meals?

  One lady and one man living in the same flat, feelings are sure to grow. She falling for the guy is not something impossible, afterall they spend so much time together, which I find weird cause its al though they didn't have jobs. Being a naive person, the guy keeps on giving good vibes towards the girl, making her think that he likes her back. That's why we say 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'. But come on, letting her hold onto your arm and spoon feeding you is too much for a friend's only relationship. The hugging part at the end reminded me of the several times Ji Hoo hugged Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers. But this hug felt different in way because his face expression was different and that smile...

  Overall, kudos to the team that made this mv such a pleasure to watch. And Kim Hyun Joong's mesmerising smile never fail to make my heart melt. The song is has a nice melody and Gummy has really awesome vocals,  though I can't understand Korean (only bits and pieces), I believe it has beautiful lyrics that will touch my heart.

Feeling: satisfiedsatisfied
Listening to: Hwayobi ft Sleepy - Kiss kiss kiss